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Grayco Building Center
Grayco Hardware
Grayco Window and Door Center, Augusta GA


Grayco offers a wide selection of lumber for every conceivable building need. We know that for building projects to get done on time and on budget, you need to be able to rely on your supplier to deliver the lumber you need when you need it. Let us take care of your lumber requirements and we'll guarantee on time delivery and excellent customer service.

G.P.-Engineered Wood

When it comes to frame construction, we trust on lumber product that posses strength and stability through time. Georgia-Pacific Engineered Lumber posses those qualities. With its great performance to resist shrinking, crowning, twisting and warping, no wonder it emerged from other lumber products.

Framing Lumber

Homebuilder's job is to build strong and safe homes. They depend on high grade Lumbers that will support the backbone of their house projects. Grayco Framing Lumber is the one they trust. Our Framing Lumber products are affordable and fit to your construction requirements.

Decking Lumber

Choosing the right decking board is a tedious task. You will source a number of materials and consider each price. Let us help you in selecting the right product. Grayco offers a variety of Decking Lumbers such as Timbertech, Cedar and hardwood decking.



Grayco is a trusted company in delivering Plywood products for many years. We provide numerous products such as Advnatec, Roofing and Sidewall and many more. We guarantee that the plywood we sell delivers impact resistance, workability, and surface dimensional stability.

Siding and Cedar

Moisture is one problem of homeowners when it comes to cedar siding. This can penetrate through surfaces and may lead to cracks. Of course, you wouldn;t buy brands which cannot support that. At Grayco, we offer high quality Cedar and Siding. We provide products that will preserve its excellency in a longer time.