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Grayco Building Center
Grayco Hardware
Grayco Window and Door Center, Augusta GA

Grayco Offers Georgia-Pacific Products for Your Building Needs

Georgia-Pacific leads the pack when it comes to manufacturing and marketing tissue, packaging, paper, pulp products. When you need building products and chemicals that are trusted by contractors and homebuilders, you can rely on Georgia-Pacific.

Georgia-Pacific Engineered Lumbers

Fiberstrong® Rim Board

Engineered for durability and strength, the Fiberstrong Rim Board is ideally suited for most floor framing systems. Configured Georgia-Pacific Wood I Beam joists as well as other I joists of the same height.



For construction designs calling for unsupported grand entrances, wide doorways and window configurations, the GP Lam Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) delivers unparalleled solutions and performance.

Wood I Beam™ Joists

Wood I Beam joists are lighter and easier to handle than regular lumber, making them the ideal solution where designs call for strength, stiffness and durability.

XJ 85™ Wood I Beam™ Joists

The XJ 85® I-joist from Georgia-Pacific is an innovative engineering achievement, combining radical hole shaping and placement with the stiffness and quality you expect from Georgia-Pacific Wood Products.

Broadspan® Engineered Wood Products

When performance, stability, dependability, design flexibility, and cost-effectiveness are important to your project, Broadspan engineered wood products deliver the quality you deserve.

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